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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

“Time-outs” are important for your health

Spring Break is over and I was fortunate to spend this week skiing with my family in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was definitely a needed break from my busy lifestyle. Once I was removed from my daily activities, work environment and living space, I started realizing how much you become a slave to your daily routine at home. Not only do we loose precious time spent with our children, we also loose touch and needed intimacy with our spouse and neglect relationships with friends and family. Time Outs are so important to recharge your own batteries, clear your mind and to revive your sole. If done with family, you can get well deserved and perhaps needed quality time with them. Time flies, so treasure WHAT and WHO is important to you!

All adults have lives that are filled with some stress, even if we don’t truly acknowledge this fact. You may face the burden of meeting tight deadlines, making crucial decisions at work, being available for your clients 24/7 or managing the complexities of household demands and kids schedules. Your stress may also include the stress of under- /unemployment or a family crisis. Too much stress is bad for your health! It can take its toll in part on your body’s ability to resist infection and maintain vital functions. And, you are more likely to become ill. Your sleep will suffer, you won't digest food as well and mentally become more irritable, anxious and perhaps even depressed. You won’t be as fun and pleasant to be around! So - take a vacation!!!!!

A vacation doesn’t have to be expensive nor do you have to travel far. As long as you can get away from your daily routine. Leave the cell phone home during activities. Relax and don’t stress over a missed workout either!! Sleep more and try to do things you always wanted to do. Vacations, when done properly, have the potential to break into your stress cycle! We want to emerge from a successful vacation feeling ready to take on the world again and gain perspective of our existence.

Summer Break is coming soon. Will this be your time to schedule a needed time out?

Gaja Moriconi

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