Gathering Data

We want to see what the underlying issues are. We begin gathering data that is so important to creating an individualized fitness program. This initial data assessment gives us a good foundation from which to work with you to meet your goals. We review your diet, activity level, and lifestyle.

Physical Assessment

We want to get to know you. We want to understand how you move. So after sitting down for an initial consultation, we go through a physical fitness assessment to see what your body can and can't do. 

Your Plan

Finally, after gathering data and running through the assessment, we provide you with a new direction and plan of action. We will provide a program that best fits YOUR goals! We will help track your progress and keep you accountable!

Start with a 1-week FREE trial!
Monthly Rates: Fernandina Beach Location Only

$40 per month

These rates include:

  • Access to facility

  • Monthly training program to follow if desired

Personal Training Sessions:

$60.00/per session for individual training or group training

Can be divided: 1 person at $60/hour; 2 people at $30/hour each; 3 people at $20/hour each. Each additional person at $20/hour each.

Pack of 8 or more training sessions paid upfront: 

  • Discounted $10+ each session!

  • 8 Sessions for $440 ($55 per session)

  • 12 Sessions for $600 ($50 per session)

  • 24 Sessions for $1080 ($45 per session)

Lifestyle Package:

  • 24 Week plan of action

  • 3 days per week of personal training

  • Nutrition guidance included

    • Grocery shopping, eat this/not that, Lifestyle > Diet​

  • Daily communications to stay motivated

  • Weekly consultations to stay on track

  • Monthly Progress Reviews

    • Weigh-ins, before & after pictures, body-measurements​

  • Additional training to do on your own at no cost

  • Goal oriented programs:

    • Fat-loss​ (Muscle toning & Losing inches)

    • Body-building (Mass & Muscle gains)

    • Athletic Development (Peak performance for sport(s))

  • $5000 for 6 months (Payment plans available)

  • Extreme accountability from trainers

  • Will be allotted de-load weeks throughout to allow adequate recovery during the process of change and to plan for vacations or other events

  • This is for a serious lifestyle change and you must be committed in order for the plan to be successful


$10 drop-in rate


Fernandina Location

Hours of Operation

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Saturday - 8am-2pm 

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