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6:30pm Fit Body Bootcamp


9:00am Fit Body Bootcamp

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6:30pm Fit Body Bootcamp


5:30am Fit Body Bootcamp

8:00am Bootcamp


6:30pm Fit Body Bootcamp


9:00am Stretch

*Every first Thursday of the month we offer seminars. Subjects of seminar include: Health, wellness, nutrition and fitness

**Clients who sign up for Monthly Open Gym are encouraged to use the GPA facility at any times published  under facility hours except for the class times stated above

Fit Body Bootcamp: These classes offer a variety of exercises that will engage and work your entire body! This class will not only provide you with a great calorie burn and fun encouraging environment, but they will also provide you with a stretch as well as a full body workout all in one hour! These classes are designed for every fitness level so feel free to come and join!
Kids-Fitness: Get a step ahead on life and stay motivated under our guidance. This class produces a family -fun environment for the kids and helps sharpen their fitness levels! We have a limit of 15 kids in this class, to ensure we provide a challenging and fun environment, but a safe one as well.
Stretch: Come loosen those stiff muscles and start feeling like a kid again with this flexibility and mobility class. This class not only sretches you out, but teaches you the importance of taking care of your muscles and body. 
Strength & Conditioning: Our S&C class offers athletes the ability to increase their sports performance in a variety of ways. Our sports performance coaches focus on building a foundation of strength and adding in speed, agility, jumping, and mobility work throughout this class. Olympic lifts are taught and emphasized in this course to promote an explosive athlete!

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