Keeping Nutrition Simple!

How many times do you turn on the TV or open a magazine and the first thing you see or hear is “Lose 10 lbs. in 7 days” or you see a new diet fad?

First, you cannot lose10 lbs. in 7 days-- a majority of that will be water weight and second the first 3 letters of DIET spell DIE so what is so appealing about that?? You may ask yourself so how do I become healthier and make this a lifestyle more so then a temporary diet? Most important keep it SIMPLE! Remember that you are going for a lifestyle, so it is not going to happen overnight, be patient, don’t place pressure on yourself to always be perfect, life is not perfect.

Second, give your self-freedom! What do I mean by that? It is too often that we feel held hostage to food and it controls us, so tell yourself that if there are 21 meals in a week you will have 17 healthy ones and 4 meals that may not be so healthy. Eat those 4 meals intuitively and enjoy them! We often slip up when we have one bad meal and we beat ourselves up, which can lead us to throwing in the towel because of that one “bad” meal. In other words, it can cause us to blow the whole weekend of good meals. Think about it as a test score; 17 out of 21 is like scoring a B on a test, and THAT’S PRETTY DANG GOOD! How do you create 17 simple healthy meals?? Follow the steps below: (Please keep in mind this is a sample plan, some people may need more individualized plans based on their goals. Try to keep 80% of your meals to non –processed foods. (Foods that are not in a box)

Breakfast and Lunch:


4oz of a good protein

4 oz. of a good starch

1 tbsp. of a good fat


6oz of good protein

of a good starch

2 tbsp. fat



6 oz. of a good protein

1 tbsp. fat

lots of veggies


8 oz of a good protein

2 tbsp. fat

lots of veggies


Try to include 2-3 healthy snacks a day in between meals

Healthy Snack options:

  • A handful Almonds or the 100 calorie packs (Males please have 2)

  • Hard-boiled egg with a piece of fruit

  • 1oz Jerky

  • 1 Baby bell Cheese

  • Greek Yogurt

  • 3 cups Skinny Pop Popcorn

  • Blue Diamond Crackers with a 100-calorie container of hummus or guacamole

  • 1 nonfat latte

  • RX Bras

  • Basix One Bars

  • No Cow Bars

  • Perfect Bars

  • Alyssa Cookies(Publix)

Healthy Starches: Healthy Proteins Healthy Fats

Sweet Potato’s Chicken Avocados

Red baby potato’s Ground turkey or chicken Nuts

Brown Rice Fish Nut Butters

Quinoa Egg Whites Kerri-gold Butter

Oat Meal Eggs Cheese

Cheerios Greek Yogurt Oils (Olive, Grapeseed, etc.)

Rice Cakes

Fruit (Fresh or Frozen)

Pasta (100% Whole wheat, quinoa, black bean, chick pea etc.)

On The Go Options

  • Amy’s frozen meals

  • Panera Salads

  • Starbucks’s- Egg bites/Egg sandwiches/Oatmeal with nuts), no dried fruit to much sugar

  • Organic pre-made-protein shakes (Amazon) with a piece of fruit


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