Have you ever just done one thing? Thought just one thought? Eaten only one item or even had only one friend? I am pretty sure the answer is NO! So why just play one sport or do one type of exercise? While focusing strongly on one thing at a time is great, why limit yourself to only one thing in general? You would never just apply for one job, would you? If that job didn’t prevail, there would be nothing else for you along the lines of perusing a career. When it comes to sports and fitness, it has been proven that limiting oneself to only one sport or type of fitness training is less than productive to reaching a goal. There is so much more to learn and gain from multi-sport activity and fitness. A child that plays more than one sport increases his/her hand eye coordination, strength, core stability, speed and agility! A runner will gain distance and speed by incorporating a strength program into their training regimen. A professional athlete will make more performance gains by taking yoga classes or even getting a massage frequently. The body isn’t a one dimensional entity so why limit it to only one sport or one fitness style? There is so much more to gain physically and mentally by incorporating more than one type of routine. Stop by or call GPA for one of our professionals to teach you how two is better than one!

--Dana Beach, GPA Trainer


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